Alleged iPhone 6C unibody shells appear online

7:41:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Both Samsung and HTC has unveiled their flagship devices for the year and the next big release of the year will be Apple's 2015 iPhone lineup. Last year, Apple broke the tradition by introducing bigger iPhones which are as massive as Android phablets.

At this point it is safe to say that Apple will be reusing the design of last years iPhone 6 for this years refresh and there are already several reports stating that Apple will be releasing a smaller iPhone this year. Well, the leaks are on time and what you are seeing above is an alleged image of Apple's upcoming smaller iPhone.

This new smaller iPhone looks to be a refresh of the colorful iPhone 5C released back in 2013. The look and feel of this iPhone 6C bears a lot of resemblance to it's predecessor but there are some subtle changes to the flash array and also the bottom mounted speakers.

Overall it is hard to have any confirmation at the moment but sure enough if these leaks are to be true we will soon be seeing more images like this. As expected, Apple will most likely unveil new iPhone models during the fall in time for the holiday season and this is just the start of the leaks for Apple's 2015 iPhone lineup.

SOURCE: PhoneArena