UMobile refreshes their postpaid and prepaid plans, more of everything

5:57:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Lat year UMobile laid out a vision for 2 million new customers and they managed to reach on to before 2015 started. Continuing the momentum, today they are revising their mobile plans for both prepaid and postpaid. Called the #GetClever plans, the news plans seemingly doesn't feature the number 8 behind each plan and now features block numbers.

For prepaid users, the plans are now UMI 20, 30 and 50. But there is no UMI 40 because UMobile has opted to continue offering the UMI 38 plan which has the same data and call features. The new revised UMI prepaid plans are just RM 2 more than their previous revisions but Umobile has increased the data cap for all the plans and call are now just 5cents/30s.

About existing plans, UMobile says that customers can continue to enjoy their existing UMI 18, 28, and 48 plans provided that the auto renew feature continues on. But personally i think that you should switch to the newer plans which is just that little more and has more to offer in terms of data.

Moving on to Postpaid plans, the revision is similar to on the prepaid side which includes more data. The new postpaid plans have dropped the U (unlimited) name in place for the new P plans. Besides the new naming scheme, the P50 and P70 postpaid plans have been given a boost of data for both plans. Like the prepaid plans, you can also keep your existing Postpaid plans.

These new plans highlight UMobile's determination to take on the bigger names in mobile connectivity in Malaysia. What do you think about these new plans compared to your mobile provider or compared to your current UMobile plans. Tweet us your opinions @TTOT9 and remember to put the hashtag #GetClever so UMobile can hear what you say