The Alcatel Pixi 3 can run Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS

8:44:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Alcatel CES 2015
Ahead of CES next week, Alcatel has announced a new smartphone which not only comes in 4 different sizes but can also be configured to either run Android, Windows Phone and even Firefox OS. The catch however is that despite supporting 3 major mobile operating systems, the device cannot switch between them. Which means you must make up your mind on which OS you would like to use when purchasing the device. Details of the device are pretty vague at the moment but the screen sizes for the device will range from 3.5" - 5" and LTE will not be available on the smallest 3.5" model.
the OS choice must be made during purchase
This is a interesting type of device because the user will be able to choose their favorite operating system and not be stopped by the incompatible hardware. But whether will this actually work out in real world sales is yet to be known because this is still a one of a kind type of device. In terms of pricing and availability, we'll just have to wait till it's officially announced next week during CES.

SOURCE: The Verge, PRNewswire