Joe Belfiore teases a refreshed version of Office for Windows Phone users

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Joe Belfiore Microsoft Office Windows Phone
Last year (2014), Microsoft started adopting an interesting strategy to grow their brand name by making popular Windows phone exclusive apps like the Office suite and MSN suite available for iOS and Android users. Well, that strategy of giving users of other platforms the best things on Windows Phone made windows phone users unhappy, not only because they lose some of their bragging rights but also because while they were working hard on the iOS and Android applications; The Windows Phone apps were not given fresh new looks and features.
Joe Belfiore Weibo
All about that is about to change as Joe Belfiore, the face of Windows has just announced via Weibo that Windows Phone users will very soon be able to experience a new version of Office before Chinese New Year. He also mentions that there'll also be more China specific Windows Phone features coming too! Given the time frame, the announcement will most likely be on January 21st during the supposed Windows 10 event, maybe we'll also hear more about Windows 10 for phone?
OneNote comparison on Windows Phone and Android
OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote on Windows Phone 8.1, OneNote on Android (from left to right)