First official render of the HTC One M9 appear

7:49:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

For the most of last week there was several leaks of HTC's upcoming flagship device, the HTC One M9 (or that's what we think it's going to be called). The leaks last week all have a similar connection, not by the source but the images of the device was similar. Well today, surprise surprise, former serial leaker Evan Blass AKS @evleaks has tweeted out what looks to be two new HTC devices with similar design languages.

These alleged renders look similar to what leaked last week but the difference is that these renders show that HTC is incorporating the hidden Boom Sound speaks like on the Desire EYE. Other than that, these renders also show that HTC is still persistent with their top and bottom chin bars with the HTC logo on the bottom front.

What's interesting here is that the more powerful M9 Plus looks like a Samsung device, well not really but there is a power button below the HTC logo. Previous reports hint at the more higher end M9 to have a fingerprint scanner which doubles as a home button. Besides that, both the devices looks similar in terms of design and the front looks a little more flush now because the individually drilled Boom Sound speaker grill is no longer prevalent.

So, conclusion time, given that Evan has always been ahead of the calendar in device announcement. This might very well be the real deal, but the front itself isn't going to justify much. Maybe in a couple of days/weeks he'll share more about the device. Well, the HTC One M9 along with it's more powerful brother, the M9 Plus is expected to debut during HTC's MWC press conference on the 1st of March, so stay tuned for more!

SOURCE @evleaks (Twitter)