Apple's upcoming 12" MacBook Air gets revealed, thinner footprint and slimmer profile

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Martin Hajek
Apple's MacBook Air lineup has been fairly popular ever since it was introduced back in 2008. But besides being a little thinner and a lot more powerful, the current generation MacBook Air looks just like the one Steve Jobs unveiled nearly 7 years ago. Well, it looks like that's about to change as 9To5Mac reports that Apple is slated to release the long awaited 12" MacBook Air which will usher in a more clean and simple look for the thin Apple laptops.

To make things a little bit more understandable, they cooked up a number of mockups of the new laptop. The first notable change to the design is that, Apple seemed to have figure out that the bezels on the MacBook Air was a bit too thick especially on the 11" model. Cutting down on the bezels, the 12" model is physically the same size as the 11" model.

Martin Hajek
Another thing about the new 12" MacBook Air is that in order for Apple to get that smaller footprint, the keyboard layout is now a little narrower (shouldn't affect overall typing experience) and like on the display, the bezels beside the keyboard has been eliminated giving it that oversized look. And the most important thing on this new MacBook Air is USB Type-C connector, without it Apple would not be able to reach such a feat with the MacBook Air. In fact, Apple seems to be going all out by only including the USB Type C and a 3.5mm headphone jack on this particular laptop, even the MagSafe 2 connector will not be included.

You might be thinking now, how would the device charge then, well as it is that's the beauty of the new USB Type-C standard, both sides of the port are the same so it can also charge devices and connect to other devices. This move will potentially cause some issues with users because there will only be one external port to connect to and well let's say Apple will be happy to sell you lots of adapters to connect legacy devices.

Martin Hajek
Finally, the new 12" MacBook Air given the thinness will not feature a cooling fan and thus will cool passively. The grills right above the keyboard serve as both the speakers and ventilation holes to keep the device cool. This is made possible with intel's latest Broadwell chips which have a TDP as low as 15w and is equally as capable as current generation chips. Similarly to the iPad, Apple is also expected to release a Space Gray color of this 12" MacBook Air, this move is entirely plausible given that it took Apple a couple of years before introducing some color to both the iPhone and iPad.

The mid-2015 12" MacBook Air is expected to ship around June in time for WWDC and will likely be announced in the coming months before Apple's big developers conference. Check out more renders of the new 2015 MacBook Air in the source links below.

SOURCE: 9To5Mac and Martin Hajek