Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Priced At RM 2,299, Goes On Sale On September 25

4:48:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Last week i talked about the Galaxy Note 3 and i said that the price for the device is expected to be around MYR 2,499. Fast forward another week Storkini has started pre orders for the Galaxy Note 3 and thus they also revealed the RRP of the device which is the same as the Galaxy Note II when it launched. The LTE Galaxy Note 3 is priced at MYR 2,299 and for that price you will be given a snapdragon 800 processor. The thing which i find pretty ironic is that the 32GB LTE Galaxy S4 costs MYR 2,499 and the LTE Note 3 which has better specs costs 200 ringgit cheaper. In addition to that, Storekini will be giving a free battery pack when you pre order the Galaxy Note 3 from them. that doesn't stop there, if you pre order the device in this few days you will get a 11 ringgit rebate. The Galaxy Note 3 will be launching in Malaysia on 20 September and buyers can pick up the device at Samsung stores on September 25. 

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