Instagram's latest feature is also Snapchat's best feature

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Last year, Instagram made a big statement when they announced that photos no longer need to fit into a square and if you thought that was a big change, think again. Beginning today, the Facebook owned Instagram is rolling out a brand new feature called Instagram stories. The feature encourages Instagram users to share images and videos more frequently.

And if you know anything about Snapchat, you will certainly notice that Instagram Stories is a direct rip-off of Snapchat stories. From the vertical images and photos all the way to adding filters and emojis, Instagram Stories is just like Snapchat stories.

In all essence, Instagram Stories is a lot like the rebirth of Instagram's Direct feature which never quite took off. Instagram Stories will live on the very top of the Instagram feed and the photos and videos you share through Instagram Stories will only last for 24 hours before being completely gone. Additionally, Instagram Stories will be shared to all your followers and if your Instagram account it public, anyone can view your stories.

Instagram Stories is now available with the latest Android and iOS Instagram app.