Peak Design launches their 6th Kickstarter campaign with three new Everyday bags

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The San Francisco based company that introduced the Everyday Messenger bag through Kickstarter last year is back with three new bags based off their Everyday brand. Last year's Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag is not only the most funded bag on Kickstarter but the bag also turned out to be the most popular camera bag in the recent years.

In case you are unfamiliar with Peak Design, the company is known for their camera accessories and thus their new line of bags are designed to fit cameras. But you're not just restricted to storing lenses and cameras in these new bags, Peak Design has designed these bags to be both versatile and functional.
Peak Design's 6th Kickstarter campaign is hero-ed by the new Everyday Backpack which comes in both 20L and 30L models. Additionally, there is also the Everyday Tote and the Everyday Sling and all three bags being introduced through this kickstarter campaign is designed to fit a tripod, at least two lenses and a camera body.

Just like the Everyday Messenger bag from last year, the three new additions to Peak Design's Everyday bag lineup is also constructed out of 500 Kodra Shell making the bags weather sealed. Inside the bags, Peak Design has included EVA dividers, premium felt lining, leather accents, weatherproof zips, and many more.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign is already halfway the project will most definitely be funded. Given that Peak Design has a good track record on Kickstarter, you can rest assure that if you do decide to back the project, you will get the product in a timely manner. Rewards start at just US$ 115 and Peak Design is targeting a Dec 2016 ship date for backers.

Learn more about this Kickstarter project here