Nokia is coming back to the masses and their new smartphone and tablet will be Android based

3:38:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

After much deliberation, today Nokia is announcing that they will soon begin making Android powered smartphones and tablets. Since the Microsoft acquisition, Nokia has started restructing like selling HERE maps, diving into the VR game and purchasing health firm Withings.

Today's announcement coincides with Microsoft's plan to sell their feature phone business to Foxconn. As mentioned before, Nokia will not directly manufacture their own smartphone and tablets, rather they will license it to a secondary company to handle the production. This new company is called HMD Globa Oy which is a new company based in Finland that is chaired by an ex-Nokia employee from the Microsoft acquisition.

HMD Global will have the exclusive global license to manufacture Nokia smartphone and tablets for the next ten years and the HMD's first move is to conditionally agree to acquire Microsoft's right to use the Nokia brand in feature phones. Once this agreement closes in 2H 2016, HMD Global will be the only company that is licensed to build Nokia branded smartphone and tablets. In addition to that HMD will also work closely with FIH (which is a subsidiary of Foxconn) to manufacture future Nokia phone.

And probably the cherry on top is that alongside this announcement, Nokia has formally confirmed that their new line of smartphone and tablets will be based on Google's Android operating system