SanDisk's new 128GB microSD is capable of write speeds up to 275MB/s

10:37:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

What a time to be alive, it was just two years ago that Sandisk unveiled the world's first 128GB microSD (2014) card and last year the company also launched the first commercially available 200GB microSD (2015). Amidst all the smartphone and tablet craze at MWC 2016 this week, SanDisk is taking the opportunity to unveil their fastest microSD card which comes with UHS-II speeds.

The brand new SanDisk Extreme Pro (pictured above) is a built for the next generation of mobile devices which will be able to take advantage of the speeds this microSD card is able to produce. This new SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD card comes in both 64 and 128GB capacities and at peak performance, this microSD card clocks in at a whopping 275MB/s in write speeds. That is true provided you have the hardware that is able to take advantage of the speeds this card can output.
SanDisk is not trying to please future customers of the LG G5 and the Galaxy S7 with their new speedy microSD card but they are also announcing a new lineup of affordable USB Type-C flash drives which will work with devices like the 12-inch MacBook, Nexus 6P and even the newly announced LG G5. With storage options going up to 128GB, these new USB Type-C flash drives delivers USB 3.1 speeds of up to 150MB/s

The SanDisk USB Type-C flash drives will be available starting today through Amazon but the new UHS-II microSDs will only be available for purchase in Q2 2016.

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 64GB microSD - $179.99 (~ RM 753)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 128GB microSD - $299.99 (~ RM 1,256)
  • SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive 16GB - $19.99 (~ RM 83)
  • SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive 32GB - $29.99 (~ RM 126)
  • SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive 64GB - $49.99 (~ RM 209)
  • SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive 128GB - $79.99 (~ RM 335)