RevolVR is trying to bring guns into virtual reality

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The smartphone trend is beginning to normalize and the last year has shown that the next big thing in mobile computing is virtual reality. Just take for example Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus which is a company started off a very successful kickstarter campaign. The market is now quite saturated with the idea of Virtual Reality and companies like Samsung, HTC, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Valve all have their own idea of what virtual reality is supposed to be.

Google Cardboard convinced me about Virtual Reality"in fact, you can build it yourself with some leftover cardboard with the provided schematics from Google. But what makes it special is not the two convex lens which magnifies the image on screen." Continue reading.
Bucking up on that virtual reality trend, a group of VR enthusiasts (and also friends) is launching a new product which they think have a lot of potential given the amount to hype around Virtual Reality these days. These group of friends call themselves RevolVR and the company's first product is a gun controller that will work with basically every VR headset out there. You name it, they'll support it. Google Cardboard, GearVR, Carl Zeiss VR One, Archos VR Glassess...the list of supported headsets go on.

Additionally, RevolVR is not only focusing on VR accessories for mobile devices and in fact, the RevolVR will also work with VR headsets built for the PC like the Oculus Rift. However, using the RevolVR Dominator (gun) on a computer will require their Spectator module attached to the VR headset in order for accurate tracking in the game.

"You name it, they'll support it!"
What's unique about RevolVR is that they are actually planning to make the hardware and software required to make all this possible available to the public. This means that upon the success of their Indegogo campaign, RevolVR will open source the hardware that they have designed and also provide developers with an open-sourced SDK so they can fork the repository and improve upon the project.

Most notably is that RevolVR's first accessory is actually just a gun that makes playing VR shooting games a little bit more fun. While the initial idea RevolVR is to create an immersive gaming experience, this is just the start as the RevolVR software created to make the Dominator (gun) work in the Virtual Reality world will be useful to create other VR accessories to be compatible with all the VR headsets out there.

RevolVR is currently looking to fund their project on Indegogo and the goal is set at $25,000 in order to make this project come alive. If you like what you're seeing, head over to the Indegogo campaign page to back this project and for only $49, you can get yourself a pair of VR guns compatible with smartphones. However, if you want a PC gaming experience in Virtual Reality, you will need to pony up $89 to get the gun (Dominator) bundle with the RevolVR spectator PC dongle.

Learn more about this campaign here

RevolVR Dominator

  • Printed with high quality ABS plastic
  • Cable free experience
  • Up to 60hz tracking
  • 0.05± degrees tracking accuracy
  • 2-4 buttons

RevolVR Alpha 

  • Printed with high quality PLA plastic
  • Cable free experience
  • Up to 60hz tracking
  • 0.05± degrees tracking accuracy
  • 1 button

RevolVR Spectator

  • Printed with high quality ABS plastic
  • Used to connect RevolVR Alpha and Dominator to a PC
  • 60 - 120hz tracking frequency
  • 0.014± degrees tracking accuracy
  • Includes smart lag compensation algorithm to reduce motion lag to zero