Huawei's MateBook is the company's first Windows 10 device

9:02:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

While everyone else is announcing flagship android smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2016, Huawei in the other hand is taking the opportunity to launch their very first Windows 10 device called the Huawei MateBook. Mind you that the press image above and below is a little inaccurate as it is display the Windows 8 Start Screen but the Huawei MateBook itself actually ships with Windows 10. 

But going back to the MateBook itself, this device is Huawei's first Windows powered device and the 12-inch tablet weighs in at just 640g and is just 6.9mm thin. That makes the Huawei MateBook far more compact that Microsoft's own Surface Pro 4. Additionally, Huawei is also taking some inspiration from Microsoft's own Surface lineup by creating a keyboard cover and a pressure sensitive pen that works with the Huawei MateBook. 

The biggest difference here between the MateBook and Microsoft's own Surface lineup in general is that the MateBook actually comes with the keyboard cover and the MatePen (stylus) is actually an optional accessory. Huawei says the MatePen has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and the pen also doubles as a laser pointer for presentations. 

Huawei MateBook Key Specifications

  • 12-inch 2160 x 1440 display
  • Intel Core M3/M5/M7(skylake)
  • 4/8GB RAM
  • 128GB - 512GB SSD storage
  • Windows 10 Home/Pro
  • 33.7Wh battery
  • grey/golden

While the Huawei MateBook does not have the hardware to do a face unlock like on the Surface Pro 4, Huawei has included a fingerprint sensor on the side of the MateBook which allows for biometric authentication. Additionally, Huawei claims that the 360-degree fingerprint reader on the MateBook is the fastest fingerprint recognition in the industry. 

The Huawei MateBook will be launched in Asia, Europe and North America in the coming months and the pricing for the various models is as below. 
  • Huawei MateBook Core m3 / 128GB / 4GB RAM - $699 (~ RM 2,940)
  • Huawei MateBook Core m3 / 256GB / 4GB RAM - $849 (~ RM 3,570)
  • Huawei MateBook Core m5 / 256GB / 8GB RAM - $999 (~ RM 4,200)
  • Huawei MateBook Core m5 / 512GB / 8GB RAM - $1,199 (~ RM 5,050)
  • Huawei MateBook Core m7 / 256GB / 8GB RAM - $1,399 (~ RM 5,880)
  • Huawei MateBook Core m7 / 512GB / 8GB RAM - $1,599 (~ RM 6,730)
  • Huawei MateBook Keyboard - $129 (~ RM 540)
  • Huawei MateBook MatePen - $59 (~ RM 250)
  • Huawei MateBook MateDock - $89 (~ RM 370)