Apple schedules an iPhone event for September 9

5:58:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

It’s back to school season and you know what that means? New hardware is incoming and besides the new devices being introduced during IFA next week, Apple has sent out invites for an event on September 9 in which the company will be unveiling hardware products and that is most likely the new iPhone 6S. Just like all the other Apple invites, this invite features Apple’s minimalist design and a simple quote.
This time around, Apple asks you to get some answers from Siri about this special event and as expected, Siri isn’t technically answering the question but she is giving out a lot of hints. While Siri does not want to reveal anything too technical, the folks over at 9To5Mac (or any media outlet) is confirming that Apple will be debuting it’s new iPhone 2 weeks from now.
The highly anticipated refresh of the iPhone 6 will not feature an overhauled design but instead, Apple will be making some slight changes to the hardware configuration. For the first time ever, Apple will be implementing the Force Touch technology from the MacBook’s trackpad and Apple Watch’s display into the iPhone’s display. This essentially gives users an extra button to interact with application.
While both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6S will definitely be making the cut, reports have confirmed that products like the iPad and Apple TV might also share the limelight. But the aforementioned iPhone 6C will not be introduced in this event and is scheduled to be announced later this year. Beyond all the hardware, the introduction of the iPhone 6S will also see the final version of iOS 9 released to existing devices.
Another interesting bit about this keynote is that besides streaming the event through Macs and iOS devices, Apple is also including support for the new Edge browser on Windows 10. This means that you’ll be able to watch the live event directly from Windows 10. This however is due to Microsoft’s Edge browser implementing the same HLS technology that Apple uses.
Anyways, the Apple event is 2 weeks from now and the September 9 event will start at 10AM Pacific Time.