Report suggest that HTC only sold 5 million HTC One M9

5:41:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

HTC turned the tables this year when they reused the near identical HTC One design from 2013, the HTC One M9 was their contender in the flagship wars this year. Although, the original HTC One M9 didn't make it to the Malaysian market, the seemingly more powerful variant of it made it to our markets, the HTC One M9+.

It's no secret that HTC has been battling it out with other manufacturers in the past few years ans although recent reports of a acquisition by Asus turned out to be un-true, HTC is still facing problems. The latest report by Digitimes reveal that HTC might've only managed to sell 4.75 million HTC One M9 devices in the first three months since entering the market.

The report also concluded that HTC is not only facing low sales values for their flagship lineup of device but their mid range handsets are also at risk in the Chinese market due to tough competition from Chinese giants like Xiaomi.

So, what are your thoughts. Do you think the HTC One M10 will save HTC from it's grief.