The Xiaomi Mi4i will only cost RM 749 in Malaysia

2:03:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

At India last month, Xiaomi unveiled their first smartphone which will be offered in all the regions which they have a store. It's called the Xiaomi Mi 4i and the 'i' could either stand for India or International or maybe even Intelligent. Today, the folks over at Xiaomi Malaysia officially launched the Xiaomi Mi 4i in Malaysia and surprisingly, the price is quite as elusive as the official pricing in India.

At RM 749, the Xiaomi Mi 4i packs a punch and Xiaomi is heavily comparing it against current flagship devices namely the iPhone 6. In case you don't know, Xiaomi is categorizing the Mi 4i as a 'flagship' smartphone and while the specs and hardware itself won't justify the awesomeness of the Mi 4i as a flagship device, the overall experience definitely caters towards a higher price point.

At the core, the Xiaomi Mi 4i features a "2nd generation" Snapdragon 615 processor alongside 2GB of RAM. The screen is a pretty 5" 1080P panel which apparently features a better color gamut compared to the iPhone 6. The display also has this nifty trick in which it brightens up significantly when it is under direct sunlight. On the camera side of things, the back is a Sony 13MP sensor and the front is a 5MP f1.8 camera which will be able to produce exceptionally well selfies.

Probably the most impressive thing about the Xioami Mi 4i is the massive 3,120mAh battery. Just remember, this is pretty much a 5" smartphone and it's not often you see manufacturer cram a battery this big in a smartphone. The battery however is only rated in for just over a days worth of normal usage.

As mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi Mi 4i is priced in at RM 749 and will be available at Xiaomi's online store next week (May 28). As usual, the first wave of sales will only carry limited volumes of the device so you've gotta act fast if you want one. For RM 749 you'll get the 16GB model which does NOT feature a microSD card slot.