Nvidia's new GTX 980Ti is a flagship GPU with an affordable price

7:35:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

In line with all the Computex 2015 announcements later today, Nvidia has jumped to gun by making their long awaited GTX 980Ti official. The new GPU from Nvidia is very much a watered down version of the company's flagship GTX Titan X and is positioned below the former and above the once powerful GTX 980.

Like the Titan X and 980, the new GTX 980 Ti features the same GM 200 core but the CUDA Core count has been dropped to 2,816 from the 3,072 CUDA cores on the TitanX. As for clock speeds, Nvidia kept up from the Titan X and the GM 200 core is still clocked in at 1GHz with a boost clock of 1,075MHz. Another major difference is the 6GB memory buffer which is half of the 12GB found on the Titan X.

Other specs include a 384-bit wide bus, a 250W TDP, and a single 6-pin and 8-pin for the power. Overall, as you can see the new GTX 980Ti is more closer to the GTX Titan X than to the GTX 980. Nividia quotes that most of the popular titles came out with at least 20% better performance compared to AMD's R9 290X.

As for pricing, the GTX 980 Ti will go for $650 (approx RM 2,300) which is quite a good deal given that the GTX Titan X is being offered for $999 (approx RM 3,700). In addition to that, with the launch of the 980Ti, the price of the original GTX 980 has been dropped to only $499 (approx RM 1,800).