Turns out scratches and dents isn't the worst damage you can do to your Apple Watch

5:54:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Last friday, Apple officially started selling their first wearable to the world, the Apple Watch. There were overwhelming amounts of hands on and unboxing videos featuring the Apple Watch but another hot topic equally popular is how durable is the Apple Watch. Apparently, the affordable Apple Watch Sport isn't that much susceptible to scratches all around.

Well, beyond all that durability testing, another major flaw with the Apple Watch was caught on tape. The video was uploaded by CNET and the problem is described to be an accident which goes only one way.

Following a demo of several applications, the Apple Watch wearer loaded up the Amazon application and given the small real estate of the Apple Watch, the user actually accidentally hit the purchase button. That lead to a $350 purchase for an XBOX One and in the end the order was cancelled through the main Amazon app on the iPhone.

This isn't as groundbreaking as having life-long scratches on your brand new Apple Watch but it does raises the questions whether developers should give a long think about how their applications would be laid out on the Apple Watch.

Check out the video of what happened below.