Two upcoming HTC One variants leaked

7:34:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

HTC is expected to launch the HTC One M9 plus during a special event in Beijing early next month and although not specifically specified, the tagline for the invite was 'More than One'. This could very well mean more that one devices might be introduced during the event.

The leaks these days are getting out of hand and well the onslaught continues today with more details regarding the upcoming HTC One E9 which is a budget minded device. Firstly, the E9 is part of the HTC One family and features signature features from HTC's flagship lineup like the Boom Sound speakers.

Mentioned in the leaks today is the existence of two new HTC One devices, the HTC One E9 and HTC One E9+ are two identical devices. The HTC E9+ is the bigger of the two and most likely features a 5.2"+ display.

Overall, much is yet to be known about these two devices besides that their specs are of the mid-range type. If this holds true, both device will be making an appearance at HTC's more than one event early next month.

SOURCE: Geeky Gadgets and PhoneArena