Numbers don't lie, Samsung is the undisputed king of wearables for now

7:53:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

We all know Samsung loves to release new hardware and last year was no exception as they offered wearables from sharp looking fitness trackers all the way to a fully functioning phone on your wrist. In a data compilation by statista, Samsung ended up being on the top of the list with 1.2 million wearables sold in Q4 2014. Moving down the chart we see both pebble and fitbit making the cut for second and third place. Also in the middle of the list we have Lenovo (merged with Motorola) and LG selling about 500K wearable devices.

These statistics however shows the most modest results for wearables in terms of sales due to the quarter being measured overlapping with the holiday season. The competition is about to get a little hotter when Apple releases the Apple Watch to the market next quarter and reports say that they are aiming to get 3 million Apple Watches out to the market.

SOURCE: PhoneArena