Windows Phone finally gets the official Dropbox client, it's about time!

3:59:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The day has finally arrived after months (maybe years?) of waiting, the official dropbox app for windows phone has landed. This comes after Microsoft announces that they are partnering with Dropbox to integrate the Office suite with dropbox. Previously the only way anyone on Windows Phone was able to use dropbox was to go along with third party app which wasn't too bad experience minus the ads that is.

Devices running Windows Phone 8.0 and above can download the Dropbox app today and with this release, the company has also updated the Windows Store app with some UI tweaks. Not to mention that the Dropbox app is now a Universal Application (yeah running on the Windows 10 notion today). The app itself has a simple three tabbed layout similar to it's iOS and Android counterparts, camera upload and passcode support are available on the app.

So, what are your thoughts as a Windows Phone user, yay? or nay? Just to recap, the standard Dropbox account gets 2GB of storage and you can increase that to 5GB by enabling camera uploads. In contrast Microsoft's OneDrive which is basically built right into Windows Phone has 15GB of storage, what is your pick?