Windows Phone 10 Start Screen and Settings page leaked? UPDATE: Fake

3:04:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Microsoft will be talking about Windows 10 this coming Wednesday (Jan 21) and besides revealing the consumer features on Windows 10, they are expected to share news about the future of Windows Phone and also Xbox. In the past few months there has been some leaks and also concepts about how Microsoft should design the next version of Windows Phone which might not be called Windows Phone 10.

Today, we are served with an alleged photo of the new Start Screen on Windows Phone 10. It shows something similar to the previous leaks in which Microsoft does away with the transparent tiles and instead inverts the wallpaper from the tiles to the background giving the Start Screen a little bit more color overall. In addition to that, the photo also shows that apps can be categorized into sections, not sure how this differs from the Live Folders introduced in Windows Phone 8.1.

Overall, i'm not too confident with this photo because for one, it does not come from a credible account and another is that there's just some gaps like how it would work out with Live Folders and all.

Now here's another leaked photo allegedly claimed to be from Windows Phone 10, it comes from the same account and it does look credible to me? The screenshot shows the alleged new settings page which is now categorized into multiple sections. I said this was credible because this was a feature highly requested by users; The current state of the settings page on WP is just messy, so it's possible that Microsoft is making amendments to their mistakes.

All in all, these leaks are still just leaks, no confirmation whatsoever but fret not as in a couple of days all will be revealed during Microsoft's Windows 10 announcement. Microsoft will be providing a livestream of the event which will be on January 21 9am (PST), translated to Malaysia time, that'll be on 22 January 1am.

UPDATE: Windows Central has confirmed that neither leaks are true whatsoever, so we'll just have to wait till next week to find out all about windows phone 10

SOURCE: WMPoweruser