Here's how the PS4 Slim might look like

10:40:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in 2013 and it was not until last year that the next generation console was widely available worldwide. In addition to that, just last month during their PlayStation experience event, the company unveiled the limited edition PS4 20th Anniversary edition. Only 12,300 units of that will be ever made and is now completely sold out. Well, now it seems like Sony is getting ready to launch yet another variant of their fourth generation console.

Dubbed the PS4 Slim, the new console will be radically smaller and slimmer than the current PS4. These leaked images are currently 'unconfirmed' by an official source and the site which the images come from was unable to explain where these images were sourced from. But despite that, Sony is expected to launch a slimmer variant of the PS4 which will introduce some improvements to the internal hardware and also maybe some new features *cough* 4K gaming *cough*

It's so small you might be able to fit three of these into the XBOX One
This might very much be just a fan made render but it does look like a plausible design and both Sony and Microsoft tend to release a slimmer variant of their original consoles about 3 years into the official launch of the console. If all of speculation lines up, Sony will most likely be showing off the PS4 Slim during E3 in June and the console will be hitting shelves during the holiday season