Nokia Lumia 1020 Launches In Malaysia For RM 2,499

7:01:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Earlier today Nokia Malaysia officially launched the 41 MP Lumia 1020 in Malaysia. The device was announced back in July and next wednesday (September 25) customers will be able to buy the device from nokia stores for a price of MYR 2,499. The price for the device seems to make a very big dent, i was expecting it to be priced about 2-2.2K. Anyways, Nokia Malaysia is doing something right because they will be bundling the camera grip accessory with the purchase of the device. The camera grip alone is priced around USD$74 so basically Nokia Malaysia is expecting you to use it mainly as a camera when you purchase the device. Another skeptical thing is that on 25 of September Samsung will also be starting sales of the Note 3 which is priced MYR 100 cheaper than the Lumia 1020. If you would like to find out what i think about the Lumia 1020 you can read this article in our international blog 
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