Celcom Announces Upgrade Plans For Its 4G LTE Network

9:27:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The three major carriers in malaysia is expected to provide 4G LTE connectivity to malaysians starting next year. Earlier this year Digi announced that they are starting to upgrade their 3G cell towers to support 4G LTE. Now Celcom has released an official statement regarding their upgrade plans for 4G LTE. The upgrade schedule starts today and ends by March 2013. You can see the whole schedule here

They say that interruptions will only happen for a few hours a day for a single location. If you don't know what is 4G LTE, it is actually is a better network than 3G is by supporting higher data speeds with more stable connections. The data speeds of 4G LTE can also be faster than the average wifi network at home. But in order to enjoy 4G LTE you need to have an LTE enabled device. 

LTE enabled devices are normally more expensive than the 3G counterparts but there is one phone which supports 4G LTE natively, which is the iPhone 5 so when the 4G LTE network is opened you can swap in a 4G LTE sim card an enjoy that blazing fast data speed.

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